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The Internet has created many avenues of communication. One such avenue is the posting of reviews.

A review is the evaluation of a product, service or company ending with a recommendation or criticism of that product, service or company.

There are very few positive reviews posted online but negative reviews are abundant. Most internet users that make purchases online with satisfactory results, do not post reviews praising the quality or satisfaction of the product, service or company.

However, it seems that many people use reviews to condemn the products and services that do not meet their standards. Even more they use condescending reviews as a sword to cut into companies that they are not happy with. In some cases they don't really even try to remedy the situation but jump at the chance to show others how they feel.

The goal of this website is to raise awareness for the need to post honest and truthful reviews associated with what ever you are doing on the internet. Proper honest reviews are the lifeblood of many entities that work online. Several positive reviews are needed to counter a single negative review whether it is warranted or not. In most cases once a review of a product, service or company has been posted, there is nothing that can be done to correct the problem.

Posting reviews is vital and important to all of us but we urge all to try resolving issues with vendors and company representatives before you post that negative review.

Verified E-book reviews are reviews posted by the person who purchased a particular E-book. Most authors are at the mercy of their readers, hoping for a good review. It is estimated that only one out of every 1,000 purchasers will return and post a review. Amazon kindle is the world leader in E-book sales and they rank the thousands of E-books within their system on several points including the number of purchases and the reviews they receive from E-book readers.

If you recently purchased an E-book, please consider returning to your retailer and post an honest review of the E-book. Other readers and the Author will appreciate the few minutes you take to give your honest opinion of their work. As for the companies, products and services you interact with on the web, they deserve to be recognized with an honest review as well.